What to Bring

Summer Camp Supply List


Summer Camp

Supply List

The Good Earth, LLC

    • Backpack This is essential because we’ll take it everywhere we go!
    • Extra clothing We are out in nature all day and we never know what kind of messes we’ll make!
    • A beach towel, please label
    • Close toed shoes/sandals– no flip flops please
    • Bug spray of choice:  We prefer Deep Woods Off or something containing Deet, but whatever you prefer is what we will use.  We do keep the yard and paths mowed but ticks can still find their way to us.  We live in Iowa, so gnats and mosquitoes can sometimes be an issue too!
    • Sunscreen, please label
    • Sun hat or baseball cap: Great for sun protection and for keeping away ticks and bugs.  I prefer to put bug spray on hats over skin and hair.
    • Water shoes (if your child prefers them)  We go creek stomping, but the creek is very sandy and many go barefoot, but I know some kids like to wear water shoes.  They will also help protect feet from any pebbles or sticks in the sand, especially if they are not accustomed to going barefoot.
    • A water bottle, send full of water and we will keep it full during the day.  Again, please label with your child’s name.
    • Medications:  If your child needs prescribed medication while attending, please download and complete the prescription medication form found on the website under the “Forms” drop down menu.  Be sure to bring the medication in the ORIGINAL prescription container.

Finally, please pack all labeled materials into your child’s backpack.  Any weather appropriate clothing will also be important to send.  It may be chilly on some mornings, so layer up or send a hoodie.  Raincoats or ponchos are encouraged if there is rain in the forecast.  Rubber rain boots are always good on wet days too!  We do go out in the rain, unless it is a thunderstorm and/or high winds of course!

*In case of severe weather, we will follow a safety plan and take cover in the basement of our home.  

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