2020 Summer Camps

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June 8-12: Explorers Camp (2nd-5th)

June 15-19: “Hatchet” Survival Camp (4th-5th)

June 22-26: Explorers Camp (2nd-5th)

June 29-July 3: “Living Wild” Camp (6th-8th)

July 6th-17th – No Camps

July 20-24: Jr. Explorers Camp (K-1st)

July 27-31: Jr. Explorers Camp (K-1st)

August 3-7: Young Builders Camp (6th-8th)

*(Grades are determined by the grade your child will be going into for the 2020-2021 school year)



General Information:

  • Each camp will be five days long (Monday-Friday)
  • Camp will officially start at 9:00 am but drop off can be from 8:45-9:00 am
  • We offer an early drop off option (8:00-8:45) The charge is $5 a day ($25/week).  This must be arranged prior to your child’s camp week so we can prepare.
  • Camp officially ends at 4:00 but pick-up can be from 4:00-4:15pm
  • If you need a later pick up time you may pay $25 for the week (or $5/day) and pick your child up no later than 5:00 (Please notify staff prior to camp starting)
  • If campers are picked up later than 4:15 on any given day, a $5 late fee will be assessed and charged at the end of the week
  • All campers will receive a free camp t-shirt on the first day of their first week of camp
  • All campers are responsible for bringing their own lunch, snack and water bottle
  • Each camper will need to have all the proper forms completed and turned in by the first day of camp.
  • There is also a Medical Report Form if your child requires prescribed medicine during the camp day.



What will my child’s camp experience be like?

Explorers and Jr. Explorers Camp

Your child will be immersed in the outdoors!  For Explorers/Jr. Explorers camp weeks, they will be involved in tending to the farm animals (goats, chickens, ducks, dogs), learning about the garden, learning about different ecosystems (prairies, forests, wetlands, etc.), observing different forms of living creatures (microorganisms, insects, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, etc.), and learning how to be stewards of our beautiful planet.  Each day will be carefully planned out by the staff.  We also love to incorporate art/building projects and self-guided exploration into our day.

Hatchet Survival Week:

For the 5 days of camp your child will be engaged in several “survival” simulations.  They will figure out how to build an effective shelter, learn how to build a fire, show that they can hunt and gather food effectively, build tools/weapons/traps. Teamwork and cooperation will be of utmost importance during this week.  One requirement prior to attending will be to read Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.  This will prepare them for what they will be doing.  The week will be based around the main character’s survival in the woods.  It will be fun, challenging and require stamina. This will not be like our general camp week.  Students who attend should be adventurous and creative problem solvers! This will be a 4-7th grade experience.

Living Wild Week:

Just like the “Hatchet” week, kids who are heading into grades 6th-8th grade will get an opportunity to “Live Wild”.  They will figure out the necessities for living in the woods. They will learn to build fires using different techniques, show that they can hunt and gather food effectively, build tools/weapons/traps make shelters using natural materials, and learn how to work as a team to accomplish important goals.  Once again, students who attend should be adventurous, responsible, and creative problem solvers! This will be a step up from the “Hatchet camp” and is expected to be a bit more challenging…but still fun!

Young Builders Camp

Does your child like to build things?  Then this week may be a fit for him or her.  During this week we will be working on fun construction projects. We will be giving our chicken coop a much needed upgrade with a whole new interior wall, nesting boxes, door frame, etc.  They will be working with building tools (under adult guidance) such as: hammers, screw drivers, saws, drills, etc. Much of the work and problem solving will be done by the campers who work alongside the adults.  Campers will also get to experience other fun activities at TGE like archery, creek time, etc. This year it will be a 6-8th grade experience.


How much does camp cost and how do I pay?

  • There is a non refundable registration fee of $100/child for each week that you sign up for the camp.  This fee will lock your position for the camp on that week. This is required at the time of registration, and your position will not be secure until your registration fee is paid.
  • The registration fee will go towards the total cost of the camp.
  • Total Cost: $300 
  • Camp is to be paid in full prior to attending the first day of camp (Checks can turned in on first day).
  • Payments can be sent via check (please make check out to: The Good Earth, LLC) or be made via Paypal (brentcriswell@yahoo.com) If choosing Paypal, please select to “SEND WITHOUT Protection” to save us on huge Paypal fees.
  • $25 discount on additional children who sign-up for the same week
  • No refunds will be given if a child is asked to not return to camp do to behavioral concerns that affect the general welfare of the other campers and/or staff.

What if I wish to cancel my registration?

  • Simply go back to the SignupGenius link and delete your registration.  Simple as that!
  • Two or more weeks from your camp date: Loss of registration fee ($100)
  • Within two weeks of camp: Loss of registration and remaining camp cost ($300)
  • If a serious medical issue arises and your child has to miss camp days we will prorate each remaining day and give you a refund, but a medical note from a physician may be required.
  • If a family emergency comes up, then please discuss this with Brent.












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