What do the parents have to say?

Reviews by parents whose children have attended our summer camps or ASP

“The Good Earth is such a magical place for children! Brydie and Brent, and their team, are some of the best educators I have met. They are passionate about what they do, and the results show. Our son has attended 2 summer camps at TGE, and he has enjoyed every minute. It also gives him a greater appreciation for the outdoors.”

“Participation in both the after school program and summer camps at The Good Earth has been an incredibly enriching experience for my daughter. Brent, Brydie (and all the staff members they have welcomed into their dream) nurture children’s curiosity and confidence. This is a place where the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of children and families is at the heart of every decision. As a parent, I love to hear about the adventures with animals, plants, the creek and friends Mahala comes home with each week.”

“At The Good Earth, a combination of adventure, nature, and learning creates a one-of-a kind educational experience for all children. Our daughter has attended 2 summer camps at TGE and we can’t say enough about how much she has genuinely loved her time there! Learning in an outdoor classroom has not only increased her love of nature and the environment, but has also deepened her curiosity about science and math. At The Good Earth, our daughter has learned many life-skills, such as how to work together with others and how to be respectful of peer’s ideas and opinions. Her most favorite thing about her time at TGE though, is all of the fun they get to have in the creek, exploring the paths, and trekking through the woods together. We love The Good Earth and all it represents!”

“My children have attended TGE Camp the past two years and it is their favorite Summer camp throughout the entire Summer! They love building, exploring, and swimming in the creek. We are so blessed to have the Criswell family in our lives to share their beautiful property with our children. TGE Camp is truly amazing and such a unique experience!”

“My girls adore their time at The Good Earth after school program. They have snuggled baby goats, sawed branches, swung into the creek on a rope, and just got to be kids. I love that they go together but each have their own unique experience each time. There’s no pressure, they aren’t being compared to one another, they are just allowed to wonder and explore and learn alongside each other, with the support playful adults and deep inside the beauty and wonder of nature.”

“My sons love all of the time spent outdoors in this beautiful property: exploring, climbing, splashing in the creek, collecting rocks and insects, finding baby turtles, feeding and caring for the farm animals and learning from the amazing teachers here. This is a little slice of heaven and our kids can’t want to go back”

“When my son is at the Good Earth I know his curiosity, his compassion, and his soul are nurtured in a loving, safe, and adventurous environment. It doesn’t hurt that he sleeps better each night, too! He says I should add “you get to explore EVERY day and splash in fresh, cool water and you will LOVE it!’ If you’re in the area you must check out this magical place for your children!!”

“Our son has enjoyed TGE for the past two summers. His favorite part of camp is cooling down and playing in the creek.He also loves getting to spend time taking care of the animals at TGE. This summer he helped build a cabin and learned so much about team work, engineering and power tools. I love the nature knowledge he gains each this year. He is readily able to identify troublesome plants and how to avoid them in the wild. One week is never enough!”

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