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Get Signed-up now for our amazing after school program!

Garner Elementary in N.L. (Mondays)

North Bend Elementary in N.L. (Tuesdays)

Tiffin Elementary in Tiffin (Wednesdays)

Lakeview Elementary in Solon (Thursdays)

Van Allen and Penn Elementary in N.L.  (Fridays)


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Program Session 1: August 27–November 16

Program Session 2: November 26–March 1st (No ASP from Dec 24-Jan 11)

Program Session 3: March 4–May 24 (No ASP March 18-22nd–Spring Break Week)


What is The Good Earth After School Program?

This is an outdoor educational after school program for elementary age children who are in at least 1st grade.  Several of the ASP days will be spent on our farm where children will be working on building relationships, developing character and fostering their own curiosity!  They will get to be around goats, chickens, ducks, and friendly dogs and cats.  Our animals almost always put a smile on children’s faces.  We also have a sandy-bottom creek that is perfect for wading in, and prairie and woods to explore!  The children will have fun doing a wide-variety of outdoor activities at The Good Earth.  We also love to incorporate art, music, games, sport, and more into the program.  In addition to exploring our farm we will also be taking kids to local nature areas and parks.  The surrounding area is filled with fabulous places for kids to explore!

Why do we offer this program?

School age children spend many hours each day learning indoors.  They learn many wonderful things, by many wonderful teachers, but by the end of the day they (and quite frankly many of us parents) are ready for some fresh air, hands on learning, and free exploration.  That is what we hope to provide each and every child with our program.

Another one of our main goals will be to develop positive relationships within each group.  When people share common experiences that are meaningful, interesting, challenging, creative, or just plain fun, friendships can begin to form.   However, kids need to work on developing skills that can lead to quality interactions in a natural, authentic setting.  Therefore, we will work on many types of positive interactions during our activities, such as respecting, listening, assisting, sharing, empathizing, and caring.  We strongly believe that these are some of the most important qualities kids need to learn in their life.

How does it work?

Each day our after school program leader will arrive at the designated school for that day at dismissal time.  She/He will be driving our program’s clearly marked van.  We will then take the children either to our farm or to a local nature area.  The children will get the next few hours exploring nature alongside a knowledgeable leader.  At 5:30 the van will arrive back at the school for parents/guardians to pick up their children.

What about bad weather?

The whole idea of the program is to get the kids outside and on most days that is what we intend to do.  Therefore we ask that families pay particular attention to weather forecasts on their child’s designated day.  Extra clothes, wet weather gear, rubber boots, snow gear are all items that may be needed on any given day.  There will be days in which the weather will be unsafe or just too unpleasant to be outside.  In those cases we have many options available to us.  The learning center on the farm will always be an option as well as other local indoor learning opportunities.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that your child’s school district has an early release or has canceled school do to inclement weather then there will be no ASP for that day.  Hopefully, these days will be few and far between.

Refund Policy

Refunds may be given if The Good Earth has to cancel for reasons other than inclement weather and we are unable to find a date to make up the session.


Program Session 1: 

Sign-up at:

Garner: $350 (10 Mondays, $35 a day) (9/3–Labor Day, 10/8–No School Day)

North Bend: $420 (12 Days, $35 a day)

Tiffin: $480 (12 Days/ $40 a day) (Early out day)

Lakeview: $480 (12 Days/ $40 a day) (Early out day)

Van Allen and Penn: $350 (10 Days/ $35 a day) (10/5–No School, 11/16–No School)


Program Session 2:  November 26–March 1st (No ASP from Dec 24-Jan 11)

Sign-up at:

Garner: $350 (10 Mondays, $35 a day) (No School 1/21)

North Bend: $385 (11 Tuesdays, $35 a day)

Tiffin: $440 (11 Wednesdays, $40 a day) (Early out day)

Lakeview: $440 (11 Thursdays, $40 a day) (Early out day)

Van Allen and Penn: $385 (11 Fridays, $35 a day)


Program Session 3: Program Session 3: March 4–May 24 (No ASP March 18-22nd–Spring Break Week)

Sign-up at:

Garner: $385 (11 Mondays, $35 a day)

North Bend: $385 (11 Tuesdays, $35 a day)

Tiffin: $440 (11 Wednesdays, $40 a day) (Early out day)

Lakeview: $440 (11 Thursdays, $40 a day) (Early out day)

Van Allen and Penn: $350 (10 Fridays, $35 a day) (No school on 4/26)

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