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Hello Tiffin and Oak Hill Elementary Students!

Sign-Ups are now available for our 2019/2020 After School Program!

Register Here:

We are looking for 12 students to be in our program Monday – Friday.  We are currently offering only full-time rates whether you attend all 1 day a week or all 5 days of the week.


Sign-Ups are also now available for our 2019/2020 Whole-Day Camps for Oct 17 and 18 and February 20 and 21.

Register Here:

Program Description:

The Good Earth After School Program (ASP) is a special activity program with a specific focus on nature discovery. 


Our program is specially designed with nature-based education in mind.  We utilize the natural curiosity of children to discover the wonders and gifts of the natural world surrounding us.  Our activities lead us to deepen our understanding of ecosystems, soil and water conservation, geology, engineering, native plants and wildlife, Iowa history just to name a few.  Our program offers an opportunity for children to unplug and unwind in a way a traditional after school program may not. In short, we bring children together for the sole purpose of discovering the natural world.

After School Program Calendar and Tuition

“Last Chance” Summer Session 2019 (8 weeks):  $800 (8 weeks)

  • August 26 thru October 16
  • No ASP on October 17 & 18, option to register for day camps one or both days ($90 per day)

Fall Session 2019 (9 weeks): $900  (9 weeks)

  • October 21 thru December 20
  • No ASP November 27-29 

Winter Session 2020 (10 weeks): $1000  (10 weeks)

  • January 6 thru March 13
  • No ASP January 20 unless CCA is in session (potential snow make-up)
  • No ASP February 20 & 21, option to register for day camps one or both days ($90 per day – Full refund will be given if winter day camps are cancelled due to inclement weather)

Spring Session 2020 (10 weeks): $1000  (10 weeks)

  • March 23 thru May 29
  • No ASP April 17 unless CCA is in session (potential snow make-up day)
  • No ASP May 25


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the questions and answers below to learn more about our program and procedures.

How does pick up from school work?  

Before your session begins, we will contact the school to secure their pick up expectations for us.  We will also provide them with the list of children we are picking up, however it is up to you as their guardian to give consent for us to pick up your child.  Most schools do this on a form you complete for their records but some also require you communicate this information to the office and/or your child’s teacher.  If you fail to do this, the school may not allow us to pick up your child so please make sure you follow through on this expectation.  

We expect caregivers to be at the school at 5:30 to pick up their child from our care.  We will only release children to the care of people designated by you to pick up your child.  If you need someone to pick up your child that is not one of the people you designated on the Program Description and Consent form, please let us know as soon as possible.  We may ask for identification at pick up until we learn your names and faces. Please know it is only because we wish to keep your child safe.

All children will be returned to Tiffin Elementary for pick up at 5:30pm.

What should my child bring each day?

As stated in the Program Description and Consent, participants in our program will be outdoors in all kinds of weather.  It is our responsibility to provide you with a list of “must haves” in terms of weather related gear each session. It is you and your child’s responsibility to make sure you are up to date on weather forecasts and prepare accordingly.  

Some families find that having a separate “Good Earth” backpack/bag is helpful to keep things organized. We also have hooks here at The Good Earth where kids can store a bag of things they may need daily, such as bug spray, sun screen, and rain boots, but is unnecessary to take to and from home/school/ASP.  If you choose this option, please label the bag and contents with your child’s name. 

Along with gear, we ask that your child bring a healthy snack each day.  Examples include apples, carrots, and whole grain sandwiches or crackers.  Water bottles are also on the list for each session. Water for refills will be provided.

What if the weather is dangerous? What if there is a weather related school delay or cancellation?

If your child’s school is released early or cancelled due to weather, we will also be closed.  There will be no refunds for weather related closures, but we may provide some make-up opportunities if the calendar allows.  

If school is not released early or cancelled, and bad weather is predicted to strike during our time together, we may choose to cancel or call for an earlier pick up time.  In any event, we will attempt to make that decision by noon of that day so that we can communicate and plan accordingly.  

In the event of severe thunderstorms or tornado warnings while we are on The Good Earth property, we will go to the basement of the house and take appropriate cover.  If we are at a location away from The Good Earth, we will go to the nearest shelter and take cover.  

How should I contact The Good Earth?

Nicole is the primary contact for after school program. If you should ever need to contact us for emergencies – or to notify us of special arrangements, illnesses, etc. – here is our contact info:

Nicole – 319-541-8794   Email:  

Brydie – 319-461-4694   Email:

Brent – 319-461-4693     Email:


Payment Information

Payment and Refund Policy:

When you register your child for the ASP program, you are required to pay a $100 deposit to reserve the spot. This deposit will go towards the full cost of the program. Full payment is expected two weeks prior to the start of the  session your child is signed up for, unless prior arrangements have been made. Both the deposit and full tuition are non-refundable. There may be possible exception in cases of family emergency or health crisis. Refunds will be determined on a case-by-case basis by The Good Earth staff.

*Day camps must be paid in full to reserve a spot.

*ASP Sessions must be paid IN FULL or an ACH monthly payment must be set up two weeks prior to session start date, or spot is forfeited.

Payment Options:


Made out to: The Good Earth

Memo: Child’s name, ASP Session ___

Mailed to: 1415 Hickory Hollow Rd. NE, Solon, IA 52333

Paypal: (please use the friends/family option to save us on the fees, and make sure you leave your child’s name and “ASP Session __” in the comment section)


Please contact for assistance in setting up ACH monthly payments.


Behavior Policy

Here at The Good Earth, we see problem behavior as an opportunity to teach children skills.  These include skills for positive social interaction, emotional regulation, and communication.  We are also committed to ensuring that all students and staff feel emotionally and physically safe while in our program. There may be times when a student will exhibit behaviors that compromise the emotional and/or physical safety of others or cause significant disruption to the learning environment.  Our first step is to provide counsel, support and instruction to both the acting out child and those affected by the problem behavior. Second, we will communicate the concern to the child’s caregivers before meeting with our staff team. Our staff team will review the incident and notes from our conversation with caregivers.  We will document the incident for our own records and provide you with a copy.  How we respond depends on the severity, frequency and intensity of the behavior as well as how the child responds to our efforts to teach and redirect. Whether it be one incident or a pattern of behavior, we reserve the right to release your child from the program without further notice or refund.  

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